Welcome back to Stamina!

We are excited to announce our reopening of Stamina this Saturday June 20th with the first of our outside workouts at 8am & 9am!  

We have loved everyone’s support and hope to bring you back the workouts you love & deserve, all while maintaining 6 feet apart of course!  

If you paused your membership we would be happy to help you resume when you are ready. We also welcome new members to the gym.

Getting Started

Our classes will be held outside of Stamina until June 29th.  Then hopefully we will have indoor and outdoor access from that point forward until we hear otherwise.  

We will be providing plenty of wipes and masks, but recommend you bring your own:

  • Towel
  • Mask (until we are fully set up)
  • Water Bottle
  • Fitness Mat
  • Fitness Gloves (optional)
  • Any equipment you have borrowed


Stamina’s #1 priority is keeping you safe and helping you burn calories at the same time. If you are experiencing any Symptoms of COVID-19 and or have been around anyone with these type of symptoms, we ask that you stay home and also inform us immediately.  We will then recommend you get tested and inform us of the results as soon as you find out.  Stamina will soon be taking temperature readings for each client before workouts as recommended by the county & state.

Outside Workouts

Each client outside will have his or her own square or “fitness pod” where you will be working out.  Cones and/or chalk outlines will designate your personal workout space.  Each square will be provided with wipes and fitness equipment for you to use during the workout.  Classes will be 45min long, so there is time to stretch out and also sanitize things afterwards.  We will be asking for your help in this cool down and cleaning  process.

Indoor/Outdoor workouts

Once we are allowed inside access to Stamina, we are set up to have a maximum of 8 clients per class. We can have 6 in the main space and 2 in the front for overflow if need be.  Our squares are 8 x 11 ft, giving everyone plenty of room.  Each fitness pod will have their own:

  • TRX
  • Slides
  • Plates
  • Bosu
  • Jump Rope
  • Dynamic Stabilizer Band
  • Pull Up Bar Station
  • Wipes

Weights/Medballs will be picked out in the beginning of the workout and taken to your designated square. 


Masks must be worn inside at all times.  Once we are outside masks will be optional to wear.  Cardio focus will be outside including plyo jumps, jump rope, row machines, bikes, battle rope, and of course running.

Virtual Zoom workouts

Virtual workouts are here to stay! We will continue to provide these daily and clients will also have access to the recording of the workout if for some reason your schedule is too demanding that day.  The live Zoom Workouts will shortly be changing to password protected sessions for members only, we will send you the password.  Each client is admitted before each class.  If you do not wish to be recorded please turn off your audio and video.  

Private Training

If you are interested in Private Training in person or virtually, please contact me by email or phone.

Open Gym

Once we are allowed access inside, Stamina will have certain times during the day for you to reserve your own fitness square for 60min. (45min working out/15min cool down and clean up).  Please reserve your spot via the schedule as there will only be 8 spots available per session. Bring your email confirmation with you to the gym please.

Equipment rental/purchase for virtual workouts and or home workouts on your own

We are currently working on this, so if you need equipment please let me know your wish list and I’ll try to get you set up as soon as possible. 

Thanks so much again for everything everyone – and please do not hesitate to get a hold of me with any further questions or concerns you may have.